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Friday, April 27, 2012


It's Friday and nothing like this video to get you ready for the weekend!  I had forgotten how much I absolutely love this scene from the movie Something Borrowed... AMAZING.

A few favorites I've come across this week:
  1. For those of you who didn't get their Margarita fix from the previous popsicle post, these Watermelon Basil Margaritas look amazing & delicious!
  2. This amazing article on the Huffington Post for all of us who are rapidly sliding into the big 3-0.  And the BOOK that came out earlier this week!
  3. Great thing to try out this weekend if you are wanting to take on a craft project.  These painted tumblers look pretty simple to make and are super cute.
  4.  Can't wait for the fabulous Clare Vivier's candy colored messenger bags to make their debut in stores soon.. in the meantime you can check out my favorite Clare Vivier bag, the messenger bag, on her website.

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