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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


A New Direction, Blog Updates
Hi Ya'll! I wanted to stop by and quickly post an update and know that I haven't forgotten about ya'll and the blog, but am in the process of making some changes to Tiny Bits from Boo. I have a fabulous designer working on making some changes,  and hopefully the updated site will go live in the next week or two.  Very exciting and I can't wait to share it with ya'll! Not to worry I'll be back to regular posting once the updates are up & running.  Hope ya'll are having a fabulous January and start to 2013!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


New Years Eve, Tiny Bits from Boo
Cheers to 2013! Hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year's Eve and are enjoying the first day of 2013, looking forward to the brand new year and all that is has to offer.  I plan on sharing a few of my own personal goals for 2013 in the coming days,  but in the meantime, I had to tell ya'll about a new tradition   I'm going to start for the New Year.  It is a wonderful way to take reflect on the amazing things that happen in our lives each and every day, and a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the small things.  Starting 2013 off with an empty jar (I'm using an empty mason jar, but any jar is perfect!) and fill it with notes about good things as they happen throughout the year.  Your notes can be something tiny that made your week or really anything you choose that brightened your day, just remember to write a quick note about it and stick it in the jar.  Then on New Year's Eve of this year, empty the jar out and read back all of the amazing things, experiences, opportunities and little bits of happiness that happened for you throughout the past year.  Easy enough, right?  I've already got my jar ready to go for this year, and would love ya'll to join me in this too!  If it is something you are interested in doing for 2013, leave a comment & let me know! Would love to hear if ya'll have other traditions or ideas for making 2013 the best year yet. 
Happy New Year, 2013, Inspiration

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