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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Remember back to Saved by the Bell and Jesse having her mini-meltdown screaming there's no time, well how often do you feel that way?  I know I certainly have the problem of feeling like where does the day go, and for that matter, where did the past week go.  I came across a really incredible article in the Wall Street Journal addressing the issue of time and how to better think about your own personal time or lack there of.  She breaks it down into the fact that each and every one of us has the same amount of hours per week.  
One of my very favorite quotes addresses time and priorities:
Laura Vanderkam reiterates this message in the article and again, reminds us that it really is not so much that we don't have enough time, but rather a matter of what is most important to us that we are making time for.  So often we don't even realize how much wasted time we spend making sure others around us know just how busy we are and how little time we have. It seems counterproductive to have to reassure yourself and others that yes you are in fact busy and if you have a few minutes to take out of your precious day then you'll try to squeeze in that coffee with a friend, or reply to an email or whatever it is in your own personal life.  Let's be honest though, I could ALWAYS be too busy to get my oil changed, or clean out my closet, or read Harry Potter (I admit, I have ZERO interest in those books!).  So rather than making excuse after excuse, wouldn't it be liberating to just come right out and say that you won't be making it to book club because you didn't want to read the book and don't want to feel out of the loop when everyone else is discussing the novel, rather than saying you've just been too busy to read the book but will definitely read the book for next month's meeting, when in fact, you have zero intention of opening the book for next month either?  Then you're just setting yourself for feeling pressure, guilt and all sorts of anxiety leading up to the moment when you've once again not read your book and are coming up with another "I was so busy" excuse?  Trust me, I've been there, done that and it's so much easier to just come right out and be honest about your priorities and what is top of your list, what is never going to be on your list, and what you will one day if you have absolutely nothing else in the world to do might get to on that to-do list. Hope this is helpful for some of ya'll and I know for me I am working on doing a better job of tracking where and how I spend my time, and being honest with myself and others about the real reason I can't seem to squeeze a certain task into my jam-packed schedule for the day.  

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