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Friday, April 18, 2014


Tiny Bits from Boo
See the first ever Tweet of everyone and anyone.

Why We Rescue a yearlong story-telling documentary highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better.  

What happens when your dog drinks water. I love this!

29 Ways to Stay Creative.

Testing out the app Cover, which lets you pay your restaurant bill like Uber.. and who doesn't love the ease of Uber?

Let's have fun, ok?

A good reminder...If You Don't Like Your Current Story, Change It.

How to Change Your Beliefs and Stick to Your Goals for Good.

Doing a lot of wishful thinking and planning for my next vacation via A Hotel Life's reviews of fabulous hotels around the world.

It's true...Mrs. Doubtfire is back.

Love Awesome Without Borders-an organization that fosters creativity, innovation, community building and flat out "awesome" ideas with $1,000 no-strings attached grants each week.  

Looking forward to starting Regina Brett's new book Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible.

The 90's button.  Knock yourself out.

Have a Happy Easter weekend! 

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