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Thursday, April 5, 2012


In the April issue of Lonny Magazine there is an incredible article with designer Amanda Nisbet that I encourage everyone to take a look at.  One of the great things she reminds us all to do is to embrace our strengths.  She goes on to say that for years she would dismiss friends and family who suggested she pursue a career in interior design because it came so easily to her.  When she finally did become a professional designer, success and creative fulfillment both resulted.  Just another reminder to be in tune and listen to what your natural abilities are telling you.  They are called strengths for a reason, and often times we take anything that comes easy or naturally for granted.  This was something that was also brought up at the Blogging Your Way workshop I blogged about last month.  Holly Becker  asked all of us to answer the question, what am I effortlessly good at? What do I do that comes absolutely effortless that other people wonder how you do it with such ease?  Take a few minutes to think about that in your own lives. 

Something that particularly resonated with me during the Blogging Your Way class was Holly's suggestion of "weeding our garden" referencing the need to remove negative and toxic things in our own lives. It was a much needed reminder to take time to examine our own lives first in order to determine what inspires us and why.  
One of the best metaphors for the process of "weeding your garden" that Holly mentioned is that of the oxygen mask in an airplane.
When was the last time you "cleaned your slate"? Take a minute to think about the negative things in your life that are causing problems or holding you back and what you can do realistically to change those things!

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