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Thursday, August 30, 2012



Even though Labor Day is this weekend, I'm just not ready to give up those last few days of summer. With that in mind, wanted to share a few recipes that are sure to keep you thinking warm, summery thoughts long past the holiday weekend. My personal favorite, the Pink Cadillac Margarita, have ya'll tried this before? It is delicious and refreshing, and a guaranteed hit at your holiday soiree. Do ya'll have a favorite summer cocktail recipe?  If so, do share below with me, would love to try it out!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Leather has always been a favorite for fall, and even more so this year with the gorgeous leather tops, skirts, dresses and more I've seen everywhere lately.  Several years ago, I bought two of my very leather jackets and have worn them both countless times every season.  I'm loving the ladylike hems and details on the leather pieces for this fall.  The peplum leather top (and for under $100!) is a must have on my list, and the leather details on jeans is the perfect way to maintain a classic and trendy style, although I think leather is definitely a classic and something you should splurge on since you'll have it forever.  Do ya'll have any leather favorites from past seasons or that you've got your eye on for this fall?

Monday, August 27, 2012


Hope ya'll had a good weekend and your Monday has been fabulous!   What's inspiring me this week? Well, in my ideal world, I like to imagine an apartment that is perfectly organized and uncluttered, like the pictures shown below.  
via Vanity/Hallway/Closet/Bookshelf/Desk
I'm sure many of ya'll have heard apartments in NYC are tiny, and really to be honest, tiny doesn't quite cut it to accurately draw a picture of just how small some of these apartments really are.  Living in a smaller space (not to mention foolishly moving everything from my much larger apartment in Austin to NYC) has forced me to condense all of my "things", clean out the clutter, and get rid of basically all of the "I just can't live without" them items (because it has become crystal clear that I can in fact live without those things), and really stick to just the essentials.  I am loving the color coordinated bookshelf in the image above and hope to take this idea and do it in my own personal space.  Do ya'll have color coordinated bookshelves?  I had never really thought to do that before now, but think it definitely looks less chaotic and more organized.  I would also love to splurge on a bar cart and have my eye on the Hayworth by Society Social available for pre-order now. If you haven't already, you should definitely take a look at the other amazing bar carts by Society Social, they are timeless, incredibly chic, and I'm in awe of the detail in all of Society Social's bar cart designs.
via Society Social

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Happy Weekend!! I definitely slacked this week on getting posts up but absolutely believe in not posting that day if it isn't a quality post and just have been having trouble finding inspiration recently.  For me personally it can be an information overload sometimes when I look at too many things and have too many ideas thrown around the challenge then becomes how to consolidate all of my various thoughts into well articulated and constructed blog posts.  Does anyone else have this problem?  With Pinterest and other social media outlets these days information overload is a serious problem for me, and I would love to know if anyone else feels sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the information available online, and if so, what do you do to overcome writers block and get inspired again?  

A few of my favorites this week:
  • These NY matches are ah-mazing.
  • With only days to go until college football begins, this Longhorn ring is the perfect game day accessory for those of ya'll who just so happen to be Texas Longhorn Fans, hook em'.
  • A fabulous mascara that you must
  • I am in love with this leather handbag via Uncovet, click here if you haven't joined this site already.
  • Have you ever sat on a subway bench and thought to yourself, gosh I would really like to own one of these benches?  Well it's your lucky day because the germ infested subway benches can be yours for $650, what a deal right? Check out the benches along with many other incredibly questionable items on the MTA's website.  Seriously though, who is buying a used subway bench for $650 and more importantly, why?
  • Print this out and keep on file, because honestly every girl needs to know how to tie a bow tie when the rare occasion calls for it... right?
    Finally, a phenomenal quote on creativity for your weekend..

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012


    With Fall rapidly approaching, and the release of the Fall Fashion issues of every single magazine, I've loved seeing what colors, styles and trends for fall.  While many (including Nina Garcia)  are calling this bold bordeaux wine shade "the new black" for fall, I personally will never, ever replace my very favorite color (yes, it's true I live & breathe the color black for all occasions). That being said, I could certainly see this color coming in a close second to my beloved black for fall.  This fall you will see burgundy in a variety of shades, everything from aubergine to wine to the dreadful maroon.  If you are one of the unfortunate folks who own maroon, please dispose of any and all clothing in this color immediately. Thankfully, burgundy really does look good on everyone and I'm absolutely loving the fall color.  My very favorite is the Elie Tahari burgundy coat, isn't the neckline just fabulous?  Have ya'll started shopping for fall yet? And can you believe it's already time to start thinking about jackets and sweaters?

    Monday, August 20, 2012


    Oh hey there, Monday! I know we all dread Monday mornings, but I figured today instead of focusing on the typical Monday blues, why not change it up a little, and think about what positive things Monday also represents. Hello, isn't it the start of a brand new week? A chance to start fresh again and an exciting opportunity to see what the week brings? I love the idea of a clean slate and fresh start, and truly believe that if I wake up on Monday morning and instead of dreading the start of the week, try to think of the positive things a new week means, then it will change my entire attitude for the rest of the week. 

    If ya'll follow me on twitter you might have seen me mention this article, but in case you missed it, this article from the Huffington Post is worth taking a few minutes of your afternoon and reading..the writer, Claire Bidwell Smith, reminds us all that in this day and age of social media, twitter, Instagram, always letting the world know what we are up to, it may appear that we have such fabulous lives without a care in the world, but the reality is, those day-to-day photos of life when it's not perfect, when things don't go as planned, when your world feels like it is crashing down on you, those things do happen to all of us, and just because they are not shown in social media outlets, doesn't mean they don't exist.

    Finally, a little inspiration to remember this week, and something I'm hoping to remember anytime I need to make a decision...

    Friday, August 17, 2012


    HAPPY WEEKEND! A few of my favorite links from this week:
  • Loving these iPhone cases by Jessica Hische.
  • Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker, YES Please! Support this idea over on Kickstarter...
  • The perfect notebook to write down all of your big,life-changing, brilliant ideas...
  • Margaritas for your weekend cocktail!
  • On my wish list...JADEtribe iPad case.
  • The Hex Code 2-for-1 combo solves the annoying problem of juggling your wallet & cell phone..pretty great idea!
  • A sweet story about a momma dog in Chile rescuing her puppies from a fire.
  • Amazing pictures of the evolution of the NYC skyline.

    Happy Friday!! A few favorites that I've been eyeing this week, and loving for the transition to fall, which will be here before we know it in New York! I am so in love with these See by Chloe Boots for fall, aren't they ah-mazing? Also something I've been eying for a few weeks now is the Amber Interiors Turkish kilm pillow to spice up my neutral sofa! The leather tote is the perfect work bag for fall, and a new line to me, Rib and Hull, which has incredible leather handbags, so definitely check them out if you haven't already! Hope ya'll are having a fabulous Friday afternoon & check back later today for my roundup of favorite links this week! 

    Wednesday, August 15, 2012


    I recently came across Miami based designer Nektar De Stagni's eye-catching jewelry collaboration with KnollTextiles.  De Stagni, known for her innovative use of materials, and playful juxtapositions, applies Knoll fabrics in necklace and bracelet compositions that are at once new and classic statements. Her latest collection is the perfect accessory to complete any outfit this fall.  Are ya'll familiar with Nektar De Stagni?  She's been on the scene in Miami since opening her store at the age of 21 in 2008.  I am so glad to have come across her jewelry and will keep an eye out for future collections from this amazingly talented designer.  

    Tuesday, August 14, 2012


    It's no secret that I am absolutely in love with John Robshaw, so you can only imagine my excitement at the news of the latest addition to his already amazing collection, oh-so-stylish headboards.  There are three available headboard styles, which are shown below.
    The headboards are available in a selection of thirteen signature hand-blocked fabrics, and come in twin, queen, and king sizes. While the headboards are certainly a little pricey, they are absolutely gorgeous and I'm in love.  Which is your favorite?  

    Monday, August 13, 2012


    via Striped WallsPrintWalletCameraScript 
    A few things I'm loving and feeling inspired by on this Monday afternoon.  I am in love with both the black and white striped and polka dot walls, and have just recently started the process of painting the walls in my apartment.  Wouldn't you be happy walking into a room with polka dots on it? Love that idea! Also love the lettering in the quote above, isn't it amazing? Hope ya'll are having a good start to the week. What's inspiring ya'll this Monday?  And I'm curious what color are the walls in your place currently? If you're able to paint them, what color did you decide on?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


    Happy Monday ya'll! I have been a bit MIA this past week but hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend! I had a few favorites I came across online this past week that I wanted to share with ya'll since I didn't get a link love post up on Friday:
    • How about the Closing Ceremonies last night... AH-MAZING, right? I seriously felt like I took a step back in time to 1996 with the Spice Girls (fantastic performance!) and Oasis's Wonderwall.. oh and Fatboy Slim, which always reminds me of this scene from the classic movie She's All That, time to learn that dance! 
    • Also came across this cute & affordable canvas bag from J. Crew recently & think it's the perfect travel bag, to the beach, gym or really anywhere you're headed.
    • This bills organizer is the perfect thing to keep you on track & time for your monthly bills.
    • If you have any trouble at all relaxing & falling asleep, this miracle product, 18 Sleep Essential Oil Rollerball by 21 Drops, is the answer to your's that good!
    Two great video clips for your Monday afternoon:
    I came across this video over on one of my favorite blogs, Hither and Thither, and it's hilarious, enjoy a quick laugh on this Monday afternoon...
    Another great video from last week, Jenna Bush Hager gets a quick lesson from McKayla Maroney who teaches her how to Dougie while on a tour bus in London. You can check it out below or here.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012


    I've accepted and even embraced the fact that fall is in fact going to be here shortly, and that means it's time to start thinking about closed toe shoes.  Thankfully, there are some pretty fabulous options for flats this fall.  Cap toe flats are everywhere right now and I am loving this trend.  My favorite fall flats are the Loeffler Randall options shown above, and I'm quite positive those polka dot flats are the perfect shoe for any occasion.  I'm in love! Have you seen any must have flats for fall?  I'm always on the look out for a great pair of comfortable and chic flats, so do share if you have a favorite flat for this fall! 


    Cake/Gold/YSL/Bookends/Kate Moss
    Whew, what a week it has been for me already and it's only Tuesday!  I've been a bit behind in my posts this week due to being out of town until what was supposed to be today but turned into tomorrow due to flight delays (oh, the joys of flying!).  Hope ya'lls week has been wonderful so far!  Can you believe it is already the 7th of August? Unbelievable it's almost time for fall and my very favorite time of year, football season!

    The past two weeks watching the Olympics I've been incredibly inspired by: the athletes, their dedication & commitment, the stories of how these superstars were able to make it this far, the sacrifices & often times hardships faced by many in their journey to the 2012 Olympics, and the compassion and respect for one another.  I can't tell ya'll how many touching stories I've seen online or read in the news about these athletes over the past two weeks, but they all have one common thread running through them that I think is such an important reminder for us all to keep year round even after the memories of the Olympics fade- their passion and dedication to the sport for the more than 10,500 athletes competing in the Olympics this year.  Shouldn't we all have something, anything, that makes us feel alive and gets us going similar to the way these athletes feel? One example that I'm particularly in awe of is the South African, Oscar Pistorious, who ran in the 400m race over the weekend making history as the first double amputee to compete in the Olympic games.  Pistorious did not medal in the 400m event, but after the race fellow competitor and winner, Kirani James of Grenada, walked over to Pistorious, gave him a hug and then asked to exchange name bibs with him out of respect and admiration for Pistorious.  It does not get anymore genuine and real than a moment like that, and after all, isn't that what the Olympic spirit is all about?  

    With the Olympics winding down, it seemed only fitting to share a little golden inspiration with ya'll this week.  Love this gorgeous photo of Kate Moss from Vogue's September issue showcasing what is sure to be a phenomenal pro-British fashion show that will be part of the Olympics Closing Ceremony on August 12th.  Have ya'll heard any other moving stories from the Olympics these past two weeks?  I would love to hear your thoughts as they come to a close the end of this week! 

    Friday, August 3, 2012


    Happy Friday!! How has the week been for everyone? Seriously can't believe it's already August 3rd, this week flew right by.  Here are a few of my favorites from this week:
    • For all of you Instagram aficionados out there (because aren't we all these days?) It's the moment you've been waiting for, you can turn your Instagram photos in cookies thanks to the people over at Baking for Good. Seriously, what will the think of next?
    • Adding this colorful Pantone Iphone Case to my wish list...
    • This floating coffee mug was just funded over on Kickstarter and what a brilliant idea, a coffee mug with no coaster required, amazing.
    • One of my favorites, Steven Alan, is now making beautiful handbags, you must check them out.
    • These glitter utensils over on Leifshop make me want to throw a dinner party immediately, who doesn't love a little sparkle at the dinner table?  
    • Love this song by James Vincent McMorrow-Higher Love (Steve Winwood Cover) 
    Hope your weekend is fabulous!!



    Thursday, August 2, 2012


    Leave it to Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller) to coin the ever popular term "arm party" that I hear at least once a day now.  I typically have not been someone who would pile on the jewelry or adorn myself in tons of elaborate necklaces, earrings or bracelets, but find myself drawn to the concept of the arm party.  I now embrace the idea of combining many kinds, shapes, and sizes on by the armful.  My recent favorites come from Leah from The Way We Are.  Her bracelets come in all colors and are both stylish and affordable, so you will not feel guilty when you purchase several of them! I am also loving all of the bracelets from Jen Ramos over on Made by Girl. The skull and cross bracelets shown above are just two of my favorites from her online shop, but you should definitely take a look at the rest of her amazing accessories. Love them all! 
    I've been admiring this cuff bracelet from Odette for a while now and just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it.  So when I was browsing Anthropologie last week and saw their version of the cuff bracelet but much cheaper, I was so excited! I love them both and thing they are the perfect addition to any combination of bracelets and cuffs.  Have ya'll embraced the arm party trend or do you tend to stick with a more simple look when it comes to bracelets?  Have ya'll seen any fabulous cuffs or bangles recently that you've added to your wish list? Would love to hear about any new fabulous finds! 

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