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Monday, July 29, 2013


Why not start the week of (since I didn't get this up over the weekend!) with a few favorite links:

Found this Grapefruit Sorbet that would be the perfect sweet treat for these dog days of summer.

For my fellow NYC friends out there, you know how rare it is to find a pool in the city, right? I mean there have been some days this summer when literally I would have gone so far as to use my bathtub as a pool. Don't judge. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Welcome, King & Grove in Williamsburg. You can purchase a pool pass for only $35 during the weekday and $45 on the weekends! Go on and embrace your inner Magda, but make sure to buy your pool pass in advance here.

Turn up Ellie Goulding's Burn on repeat, and turn on the incredible music video too.

Thanks to their flickr group, we can now enjoy the Central Park Dance Skaters all day every day. They happen to be one of my very favorite things about this city, now if only I could join them!

Oprah's on Insta. OPRAH IS ON INSTAGRAM, and it is AMAZING. "Oprie" as my family affectionately refers to the lady who tops my heroes list {I might have flown to Chicago for less than 24 hours to get a front row seat on her show, and just in case you were wondering, she is as fabulous in person as on TV.} She is 'gramming pictures of her safari in Africa, her man Stedman, and Oprah herself is looking gorgeous sans makeup in quite a few of her latest pics. 

Red Sox thank Yankees by playing "New York, New York". No explanation needed.

Can. Not. Wait. for Carrie & Brody's return to TV in September.

Hillary Clinton Tumblr Needlepoint...who run the world?

Food for thought on this Monday: "Show up with the energy and curiosity of your first day and the honesty of your last." Read on for more words of wisdom from Kate Aronowitz, Design Director of Facebook. 

P.S. Still on the search for someone to help with a few technical related changes on the blog, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Have a fabulous start to the week!

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  1. Oh yummy grapefruit sorbet !


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