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Monday, October 15, 2012


Treat Yo' Self.. yes, I'm guilty of gifting myself (you know, To: Me, From: Me gifts!) more often than I should, and well the latest gift to myself I just had to share with ya'll.  Olive Box, founded by Grace Kang of the fabulous NYC store Pink Olive, is a recently launched subscription service for paper lovers  (I told ya'll this was too good to share!).  Based on the joy and love of good ole' snail mail, Olive Box is meant to share the love of "snail mail and paper goods of all kinds" and to reinvigorate the love over "beautiful, handwritten letters and receiving a physical gift in the mail."  I couldn't agree more with this philosophy and am so excited to receive my first Olive Box in the mail in the coming weeks. Hello, paper goodies delivered to my mailbox every month, sign me up! It really doesn't get much better than that in my book! And on a side note, a quick reminder the holidays are just around the corner, and this would be a fabulous gift idea for the paper lover on your list! 
Olive Box Subscription Service Paper Monthly Box Delivery
Photos Via Olive Box

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