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Monday, October 1, 2012


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Hello, October.. show me what you've got! October brings with it the cooler temperatures, the actual changing of the leaves here in NYC (one of the MAJOR perks of living in the actually get to experience four true seasons, and I absolutely love it!), Halloween-which as a true candy aficionado means I can find just about all of my favorites in "fun size" perfect to throw in my purse (just in case I get the sugar urge while out and about, you just never know), and finally, Halloween has to be Boo Radley's favorite holiday of the year-I mean she does happen to be white, fluffy, and named Boo... this holiday screams her name.  Judge all you want, but I'm the first to admit I love dressing Boo Radley up for Halloween-she's been a hippo, taco, and ballerina...and I'm looking for the perfect costume for this year, which I'll make sure to share with ya'll once I find it! If ya'll have a pet, do you dress them up for Halloween? If so, would love to hear your ideas for costumes! 

I will spare ya'll the details of where I've been the month of September and why I didn't keep up my regular daily posts on the B-L-O-G, and just say that I'll give an update when I get the post on this finished and edited down to ensure I don't bore you so much so that you never come back and visit the site again, now that would be a shame wouldn't it? What I will do is say that while I have every intention of posting once a day on the weekdays, there will be days when that just doesn't happen. It doesn't mean I've given up blogging, in fact it's quite the opposite.  Simply put- life happens and sometimes I'd rather go out and live my life than sit down and type away on the computer thinking about the life I want to live.  Does that make any sense ? I often wish I could be two places at once, both at my computer finishing my to-do lists while also outside breathing in this gorgeous fall weather on a leisurely walk with a close friend and Boo Radley...that would be the best of both worlds, wouldn't it?

I couldn't welcome in October without mentioning my guilty pleasure and very favorite show, Gossip Girl, kicks off the show's final season Monday, October 8th, at 9 p.m. ET. If you're anything like me, you will want to check out this trailer for the final season.

Hope this Monday was amazing and the week is off to a fabulous start! 


  1. I'm soooo excited for GG!

    PS I'm thinking we need to do a NYC blogger meet up what do ya think?!


  2. HI!!! I somehow am just now seeing this but YES Agree with you, would LOVE to do a NYC blogger meet up:) We should plan one soon!


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