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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Last weekend I walked the Brooklyn Bridge with friends to have brunch at Bubby's in Dumbo.  It was the second time I've actually walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and I must say if you have never done that while living or visiting New York City, it is definitely worth it, and a wonderful experience, not to mention you can get some incredible photos from the bridge of the city.  The first time I ventured across the bridge was two years ago when I was living in NYC for the summer and got the bright idea to take my parents with me in the 100 degree heat to trek over a mile one-way across the bridge.   Let me just say, I highly recommend you DO NOT take your parents across the bridge in the dog days of summer to wait  in line at Grimaldi's while the pizza bus unloads with an entire bus full of people who will be ahead of you in line.  Overall, they absolutely loved the chance to see something they never would have done had I not suggested it,  and really we all enjoyed Grimaldi's pizza, probably would have thought it was amazing had we not been standing in line outside waiting for over an hour to get a slice of it! A few photo favorites from the first time across the bridge are below.  
However, this past weekend could not have been more perfect. Everything about the day, the gorgeous sunny but not too warm weather, the stroll across the bridge where I captured the photos below, and the brunch, oh the brunch was AMAZING.  Bubby's is also located in Tribeca, but I loved the spacious layout of the one in Dumbo and we did not have to wait at all to get a table which is rare on a Sunday around brunch time.  Overall it was a wonderful day, and a second great experience walking the bridge.  Have any of ya'll walked across the Brooklyn Bridge? If so, aren't the views amazing? 
Finally, that leads me to the video, A Year In New York, shown below.  I mean it speaks for itself, and reminds me there is no place like New York City.  Don't get me wrong, I love Austin, TX and I will always hold it near and dear to my heart, but I get excited every single time I return to NYC and every single day I wake up here is exciting, a new adventure, and I have no clue what I might see or experience on any given day here in the city.  There is no place like it, and the video is another reminder of what makes this city so fabulous!

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