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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


These days, there certainly isn't a shortage of online boutiques.  Each one stocked with curated unique finds and with the use of social networking tools such as pinterest, it seems I am daily coming across a new fabulous online shop.  I have found so many wonderful treasures and secret gems over the past few years, that I  literally have so many bookmarks in my bookmarks manager now that I will eventually have to take more than one day to sort through, organize and rearrange all of this disorganized link chaos.  One of my most recent discoveries I had to share with ya'll because it is literally one of those fabulous shops that has affordable, unique and amazing items for everyone and anyone.  Since I found this site a few months ago, I've already ordered twice, thus I felt I couldn't keep this store to myself any longer. If you have not heard of Leif, you absolutely must get to know this online boutique stocked full of everything amazing.  Officially,  Leif is a shop of "colorful goods for beautiful living," but it is so much more than that too.  A personal favorite from the shop are the brightly colored tribal print bracelets that come in two sizes.  See below for a few of my favorites from Leif and make sure to pop on over to their site, you're going to love everything!!


  1. I do too, I am absolutely obssessed with the bracelets included in the post above! Thanks for the comment:) I tried to click on your name to see your profile, but if would not work. Do you have a blog? If so, I would love to stop by and check it out!


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