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Thursday, November 1, 2012


HELLO AGAIN, WORLD. Wow. While there really are no words to describe what the past few days here in NYC have been like for those of us in the midst of Hurricane Sandy, to say that I am immensely grateful and lucky is quite an understatement.  If you turn the corner one block, 25th Street and essentially the rest of downtown NYC, remain in the dark, without power for the 3rd day today. Miraculously, my street was the cutoff point with those to the south losing power, and I've never appreciated electricity more than the past three days.  As someone who has seen and lived without electricity in Ghana, a third world country where clean drinking water was not an option much less electricity in the area of the country I visited, I've never imagined life without this luxury in the United States. It has served as an enormous reminder of how dependent we are, all of us, on electricity to function in everyday life.  Yes that might seem an obvious observation, but honestly it is frightening to think about how much Americans depend on electricity to function in everyday life.  And furthermore, the stark realization that Mother Nature, can and has proven she will, at any given moment, strip us of these essentials, and we must find a way to continue life as normal as possible.  It is impossible to ignore the fact that these natural disasters that used to be so rare and monumental have now become a common occurrence and we have to to address these harsh conditions, rather than ignore them.  Also, please remember if you would like to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, you can donate to the Red Cross.

Love this video which seems to be the best so far that I've seen showing the true impact of Sandy on Manhattan and the moment the lights went out in the Big Apple, pretty incredible when you stop to think about it...
A litte Halloween inspiration.... Do ya'll have a fabulous costume in store for Halloween? Any fun plans? Would love to vicariously live through your fun plans as due to quite the chaotic week here in NYC, I'm going to make it a low key night. 
{Side note: Had this ready to post yesterday on Halloween, and due to a glitch in my internet  wasn't able to post it, so better late than never, right? Hope ya'll had a very Happy Halloween!}


  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and everyone else in NYC! I was glued and still have been glued to the TV and internet photo albums popping up. It is absolutely astonishing to think how much we take common "luxuries" for granted here in the states. Thank you for such a thoughtful post!! Stay safe! xox

  2. Hoping everyone is safe is NY! What a wake up call for the rest of the nation! I gave you an award on my blog yesterday! Come on over and check it out...pretty sure you'll like it :)



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