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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I had an entirely different post for today but after seeing yet another video of the now viral dance from Psy Young's hit "Gangnam Style", I simply could not resist sharing a few of my favorite "Gangnam Style" parodies, beginning with this one by the sailors at the U.S. Naval Academy:
Psy Young has been singing Korean Pop (Kpop) for over 10 years now, and wrote the now international hit "Gangnam Style" referring to a ritzy neighborhood in the capital city of Seoul.  Here in New York, there is no doubt this song has become the new "Call Me Maybe" for fall, with everyone from Today Show anchors (see the comical video below) to even the fabulous restaurant ABC Kitchen playing this song on repeat day and night. What can I say, I've clearly caught the bug for this pretty ridiculous song and dance, which just to remind ya'll, this silly dance is meant to mimic riding an invisible horse.  

Stefani and Jeremy's professional looking "Gangnam Style" wedding video is incredible, and successfully takes their big day from not only special but viral.  In the past week alone, this video, which takes on the latest Gangnam Style parody craze, has received a shocking 1.4 million views on YouTube. 

As if those videos were not enough amusement for this Wednesday, a few more parodies: 
-SNL's season premiere last weekend not only included a spoof of Psy Young's Gangnam Style, but the man himself made an appearance.. literally that guy is everywhere.
-Ellen and Britney Spears get a lesson from the man himself, Psy Young, who teaches them his infamous Gangnam style dance.
-This flawless mother/son parody.
On a side note, Mom this post is for YOU, since you can't get enough of this hit:)

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  1. Haley, you KNOW how much I love this fun post:-)


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