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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


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So the Bachelorette is over, and might I add finally-after what was by far the LONGEST finale ever... and you're probably wondering what in the world are you going to watch on television at night now? Not to worry ya'll, because your televisions are about to be taken over beginning on Friday with the start of the Summer Olympics in London.  Woo Hoo! I am so excited, and love watching the Summer Olympics.  The Opening Ceremonies, in case ya'll don't already have your dvr set, are this Friday on NBC, and from what I can tell they are going to be a bit delayed for us here in the U.S. with them set to come on beginning at 7:30p.m. (EST).  Four years ago, the Beijing Olympics liteerally took the opening ceremony to the next level and set the bar high for London this year, so I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us.  

While I'm mentioning the Olympics, I have to tell ya'll that you must read this touching story about Dominique Moceanu and her sister, Jen Bricker.  I absolutely love watching gymnastics during the Summer Olympic games, and remember Dominique Moceanu when she was a member of the 1996 gold-medal-winning U.S. women's gymnastics team. This heartwarming story is incredible, and amazing and definitely worth taking a few extra minutes to read.  

Oh and hope ya'll enjoyed the eye candy above, I mean does it get any better than the amazing Ryan Lochte? Absolutely not...he's gorgeous! Yes, I'll be tuned in to any and all of the televised men's swimming events if only to catch a glimpse of this guy with his shirt off.  Happy Tuesday!

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