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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hi there! Did you miss me? I have been a bit MIA this week after a weekend in Austin with great friends and then a few days in Waco spent with my family which of course was pretty wonderful! How was the weekend? Did ya'll do anything festive for Cinco de Mayo? My sister-in-law had an amazing Cinco de Mayo engagement party for one of their friends and I was so impressed with her creative decor ideas for the party that I'm can't wait to share pics from it later this week when I get back to New York.  I meant to post this on Friday, but got a bit sidetracked with travel delays and was not able to get it up before the weekend.  That certainly doesn't mean I can't go ahead and post it for ya'll now! Hope ya'll are having a good start to your week & check back later towards the end of the week for new posts up on the blog! 


Refinery29's NYC Ultimate Margarita Map is AMA-ZING. Not only does it break down the best margs in the city by neighborhood, it covers almost any kind of margarita you could possibly imagine. I am looking forward to trying out the delicious sounding Jargarita at Sweet & Vicious. Even though Cinco de Mayo was last weekend, it is always the perfect time for a margarita, so why not try out one of these restaurants this week, or hit up a few of these hot spots this weekend! If you do, let me know what your thoughts are on the margaritas!

Also, I am loving this jam right now, not to mention all of the latest songs by Gotye.  If you haven't downloaded their latest album, I would recommend it!

Oh, and did anyone go by and check out the Shops at Target that I was so excited about last week? Well, if not, then don't rush to your nearest Target. I am sad to report that I was really not that impressed with this first collaboration at Target.  While a few items were worthy of purchasing, I didn't see anything I had to have and certainly nothing to write home about.  Would love to know what your thoughts on the Shops at Target are if you checked them out this weekend, let me know!

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